Q: What services do you offer?
A: Tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, mulching, hardscaping, poison ivy removal, spring/fall clean up, snow removal, and seasoned firewood.

Q: Where is your service area?
A: We are based in Burlington County, NJ. Most of our jobs are in South and Central Jersey, but our geographical work area is always expanding.

Q: Do you use tree spikes?
A: Tree spikes are anchors worn on tree climbers' boots to help climb the tree. Spikes poke holes in the tree, which can damage or kill a tree, so we only use them if the tree is being completely removed. Very few climbers are able to climb without spikes, but we can!

Q: Do you plant or move trees?
A: Yes, J.M. Tree will provide and plant trees, which are warrantied up to one year. We will occasionally move or transplant small trees if needed.

Q: Do you remove limbs/trees from the property?
A: Yes, unless requested not to do so by the customer.

Q: Can I keep some of the tree(s) for firewood?
A: Yes, we will cut tree to appropriate size, but the customer is responsible for splitting remaining wood.

Q: ¿Habla inglés o español? Do you speak English or Spanish?
A: Somos bilingües en español e inglés. We are bilingual in English and Spanish. (Some of our staff speak English as a first language and some speak Spanish as a first language, but nearly all are bilingual.)

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