South Jersey Firewood
South Jersey Firewood

We provide South Jersey Firewood, Seasoned Firewood and Firewood Delivery, including Oak & Mixed Hardwood, in Burlington County NJ and surrounding South Jersey areas.

Mixed Hardwood usually includes Maple, Oak, Cherry, Honey Locust, Black Locust, and Mulberry. You can choose to have all Oak or Mixed Hardwood. Firewood Delivery is available.

There's nothing like the comfort of relaxing in front of a wood burning fireplace on a cold night. But you can also use firewood when camping, to build a campfire or cook over firewood. And sitting in front of a firepit in your backyard with friends is a great way to spend a chilly evening (just check your local ordinances). After the fire has gone out, you can use the ash from your firewood as fertilizer for your garden, and to block pests in your yard.

There are several types of hardwood available for firewood in the South Jersey area. Oak often makes for the best firewood. It produces a slow-burning, hot, intense fire. Maple is also a heavy, dense wood that burns very slowly. It also produces very little smoke. Cherry is another hardwood that produces little smoke, and it has a pleasant, sweet burning aroma (as does Mulberry). Cherry doesn't burn as well as other hardwoods, so it's best used on a cool but mild evening if outdoors. Other slow, hot burning hardwoods are Black Locust and Honey Locust.

Firewood in South Jersey
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